Talk To Me About Love

A Social Experiment

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We talk about marriage for the first time


while I edit a Google document; consider vowels
in ‘Amen’. The half rhyme with hymn. How long
would it take to replace the words we have learnt?

Those we have mumbled. Or else, redaction,
how easy or hard would it be to rewrite time?
The sine curve of our last year: like a squirrel

that scurries across the wall. The flock of pigeons
shooed. A basket of laundry chucked from a window, see
how boxers twirl, how socks tell a story that isn’t mine?

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Today, we have an exclusive editorial featuring Max Wallis, shot by Cecilie Harris. Our favorite poet, and a model we have had the pleasure of working with quite a bit recently.

Styled by Jamilah Estriannah-Toni, Max wears designs by William Richard GreenBaartmans and SiegelTopmanASOS Black and footwear by Mr Hare

Last week Max (Models 1) shared his story with us about his experience in Norway where he travelled to research a book he’s writing. Beautiful and brainy. Next week we have an exciting editorial to show you that Max shot with Cecilie for Beige Magazine, so look out for that!

Photography CECILIE HARRISStyling JAMILAH ESTRIANNAH-TONIGrooming JAY ZHANG using Bumble and BumbleModel MAX WALLIS (Models 1)

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New Poem: Vanishing Point


for T

We meet tonight in a friend’s face,
who’s hardly there, caught in himself.
One arm latched on the bar. His eyes

seal’s eyes, swimming
in the dim pool of his sockets. Almost calm,
struggling to line up his limbs.

He tells us the same ten stories:
the American, a seven-foot tranny,
the night in Dalston alone; that missed plane,

brown crumbs, a sniff, two thumbs
to the neck; a tray of baby mice,
the empty debt, a man light as air.

(Source: somethingeveryday)